Condensers for big armor vehicles. Fins are Hydrophobic coated for corrosion resistance.
All aluminum evaporator for vehicles
Combined coil - heating and cooling unit. Hydrophilic coating, for transportation.

Giant coils for huge air conditioning systems (used in air ports, offices, hospitals, cinemas, hotels etc)
Stainless Steel coil for laser equipment.
Circular evaporator for electronic boxes

Mini-coils. Stainless steel tube for cooling aviation lasers
Air heater for double-decker bus air conditioner
Combination evaporator/heater with Hydrophilic coating for automotive air conditioner

Stainless Steel coil for laser equipment.
Combined condenser and radiator, Hydrophobic coated for vehicle
Stainless Steel coil for laser equipment.

Circular water coils for servers cabinet. Coated fins.
Heater coil for vehicles.
Costume designed evaporator for special vehicle

Costume designed coil for marine usage. Hydrophobic coating and specially painted.
Condenser for water cooling unit.
Dual circuit interlaced Railroad evaporator

Cassette water coil
Long life coated condenser coil
Ultralight aluminium tube rail evaporator with copper leads.

Data center water based cooling coil
Copper fin water and gas coil for military use.