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Mission and Vision
Our team
Long ago we understood that our real asset, right from our humble beginning and still true today, are our people: a dedicated, motivated, customer oriented group of professionals who are excellent achievers and well informed about the latest technologies.

Here is a short glimpse of who we are:

Amir (Chubin) Zohar | Managing Director
Working at Lordan since: 2014

What I love most about my job:


Ayellet Zinger | VP Sales and Marketing
Working at Lordan since: 2015

What I love most about my job:
I have a great team working with me that make it worth the time and effort.  The customers are also a joy to work with. 

Hobbies: Deep sea scuba diving; Mountain biking; Literature.

Gilad Kol | COI
Working at Lordan since: 2005

What I love most about my job:

I love the dynamic work environment where every day we are put to the challenge. I enjoy solving problems and using production to reduce workloads. At work I feel that I am always learning something new that deepens both my personal and operations knowledge.

Hobbies: Long distance running

Miriam Mordechai | HR Manager
Working at Lordan since: 2000

What I love most about my job:

I feel challenged at Lordan, both on a professional and personal level. It is great working for such a dynamic company and with interesting and creative people. I very much enjoy my close working relationships with company employees and often feel very satisfied at the end of a day’s work.

Hobbies: Reading

Moni Levi | COP
Working at Lordan since: 2007

What I love most about my job:

I enjoy coming to work every day because I feel a part of a creative process. What I like best is following through on a challenge and reaching its goal on target and on time. 

Hobbies: Playing the drums, listening to music