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Fin TypeCharacteristicsCommon Applications
Regular AluminumRegular Aluminum of the 8xxx alloy series is the most common and cost effective fin material. It exhibits good endurance under normal environmental conditions.
  • Residential applications (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Vehicles of all kind
  • Large coils for central systems
  • Freeze & deep-freeze
Marine Quality AluminumMarine Quality Aluminum of the 5xxx alloy series has improved resistance to salty, humid conditions. It is cost effective and has demonstrated first-rate Salt Spray test results.
  • Coils for marine equipment
  • Coils for coastal residences
  • Coils for mining equipment
  • Coils for corrosive industries
  • Applications exposed to salty, humid and/or corrosive conditions
CopperCopper has higher heat conductivity and mass, and is more costly than Aluminum.
  • Coolers for special industrial machines
  • High-tech environments